Ереван, 21.Октябрь.2021,
IDBank и ЕГУ подвели итоги конкурса стипендии имени Геворга Аршакяна Клиенты могут приобрести товары в рассрочку более чем в 600 торговых точках - партнеров Банка ВТБ (Армения) Выполняйте платежи через Idram в онлайн магазинах, получите бесплатную доставку или кешбэк и примите участие в розыгрыше В UCOM официально стартовала продажа IPHONE 13 Не благотворительность, а служение Армении и России Юнибанк выпустил привилегированные акции с 12%-ной доходностью В Арцахе и Сюнике днем раньше должны быть установлены сильнейшие военные базы Российской Федерации. Хачик Асрян Хачик Асрян: “Хочешь мира – готовься к войне” Хачик Асрян: Четыре главных фактора сохранения и развития Арцаха «Многие армяне предпочитают английский»: что не так с «мягкой силой» России

Privilege Banking: IDBank's offer for the premium services fans


A few days ago, the IDBank “Center” branch hosted the AmCham Be My Guest event. Member organizations of the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia visited the flagship branch of the Bank, where a tour was organized for the guests, the concept of a modern bank was presented, as well as the new banking culture that IDBank provides to its clients. The three-storey branch of the Bank, located at 6 North Avenue, combines all the services necessary to make the daily life of a modern client more comfortable, while at the same time providing an opportunity to have a pleasant time in a cafe on the territory of the Bank. The AmCham Be My Guest event took place in the Privilege Banking hall, where customers got acquainted with premium banking services. Lida Safaryan, the head of Premium banking division, talks about premium services.

- For more than a year now, the IDBank branch has been operating on Northern Avenue 6. During this time, we faced a number of problems that turned our daily life upside down. What does IDBank's Privilege Banking service offer its customers to easily overcome this period?

2020 was a year of transformation in the context of the challenges you have mentioned, and for us, as a premium services division, we needed comfort, safety, and our services to match the conditions of the epidemic. However, I must mention that even before the epidemic, we successfully launched remote identification and service capabilities, for example, via Skype, which first of all gave our clients the opportunity to perform their banking operations at any time of the day, both in Armenia and abroad. In this sense, I can say that the epidemic almost did not create any inconvenience in the lives of IDBank clients in terms of service. Of course, we have clients who still prefer face-to-face communication: in this case, at the request of the client, the service is carried out in the place indicated by him, and in the case of visiting the Bank, all the necessary security, sterilization and disinfection measures are provided. Thus, we try to create a truly comfortable service environment for the client.

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  • The environment is indeed favorable. Please provide the concept of "Center" branch, and in particular Privilege banking. What was the customer reaction?

The reaction was only positive. For more than a year, our clients have had the opportunity to be serviced in a center that has no analogues in the region. This branch was originally designed considering the comfort and time savings of the client. By combining a number of services, we strive to give our client the opportunity to visit the Bank and, spending as little time as possible, to receive the maximum number of quality services. Thus, the Bank offers a platform that combines pleasant entertainment and a business environment. Visiting the bank, the client will be able to execute his transactions in one place, arrange meetings, enjoy the best coffee in the town.

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So, presenting the Center branch, it is necessary to highlight the following halls:

In all halls, our clients will receive high-quality service, and when servicing in Privilege Banking, they will also receive many privileges

IDBank expanded its individual services division and provided personalized privilege packages. What is the difference between these packages and how to become a client of this or that service?

You are right, based on the requests of our clients, considering their suggestions, we have created packages of services "Private" and "Privilege".

Privilege Banking service is available to our clients who purchase a premium Visa Signature card or make a deposit of AMD 25 million (equivalent foreign currency), buy bonds placed by the Bank, or receive a loan of AMD 25 million or more at IDBank. Our Privilege Banking clients are served in a special hall of IDBank branch on Northern Avenue, where, as I noted, they can use other services - hold their business meetings in our halls without worrying about organizational issues and receive banking services on favorable terms.

As for the Private Banking package, this is the highest level of personalized services available at IDBank. You can become a Private Banking client by purchasing a Visa Infinite IDBank card or making a deposit of 50 million AMD, or buying bonds placed by the Bank, or having a loan of 72 million AMD from IDBank. Our Private Banking clients can be served both in the branch on Northern Avenue and in the Private Banking salon in the head office. There is an open salon where our clients can enjoy their time and make banking transactions at the same time. Any premium service requires an individual approach. The client is accompanied by a personal manager who provides customer service in accordance with his requirements. I would like to note that in the event that a client purchases a package of IDBank premium services as an individual, his legal entity is also serviced in the Privilege or Private Banking halls with all the relevant privileges.

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  • As you have already noted, in order to become a Privilege Banking client, it is enough to receive a Signature card. What are the advantages of the card and what does it give the client besides the privileged service?

Firstly, that’s right, in order to become a Privilege Banking client, it is enough to receive a Visa Signature card. Our goal is to make the service more accessible, to offer clients a wider package of benefits. In addition to the fact that Visa Signature cardholders get the opportunity to be served in a separate hall at a convenient time for them and at their own discretion, the card also opens the doors to a comfortable journey for them. Visa Signature card provides free access to premium airport lounges, Lounge Key, 24/7 concierge service, travel insurance, medical support, special premium discounts, worldwide discount offers and many more. With a Visa Signature IDBank card, you will also receive cashback for non-cash purchases, high income on a positive debit card balance, opportunity to have a credit line and much more.

  • As you noted, there are many benefits to using premium banking, but in the digital world, many people use their smartphones to solve all their financial matters. Do you nevertheless consider it important that the client visits the Bank?

You're right, IDBank offers over 300 banking and non-banking services to its customers on a digital platform co-created with Idram company. That is, having the  Idram&IDBank application, our clients can simultaneously use both banking and payment services. We are talking about such a wide range of services as payment for services, the implementation of contactless QR/NFC payments in more than 5,000 retail outlets, even the ability to leave electronic tips in a restaurant or cafe. Our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of the digital installment plan Rocket line, which works interest-free in about 400 retail outlets: that is, you buy a product or service, pay through the Rocket line, and then pay the same amount for 1, 2, 3 or 6 months. Now you can also transfer money to Russia directly from the Idram&IDBank application by simply dialing the recipient's phone number registered in the IDpay application. IDBank's clients can also receive instant transfers from Russia to Armenia and manage finances through the application as needed. In short, the Idram&IDBank app is changing the culture of remote services in Armenia. At the same time, as I have already noted, we have clients who, using all the possibilities of modern banking, prefer to visit the Bank. In this case, we provide them with a comfortable environment in which they can just come, have coffee, talk and not even notice how easily and quickly their financial transactions were completed. The most important thing for us is customer loyalty, and even within the framework of personal services, we try to make their services even more individual. And believe me, our clients come back to us (smiling - ed.), They come back, because some of them attach great importance to the status, saving time, and some - to the quality and individualization of the services we provide.

IDBank и ЕГУ подвели итоги конкурса стипендии имени Геворга Аршакяна Клиенты могут приобрести товары в рассрочку более чем в 600 торговых точках - партнеров Банка ВТБ (Армения) Выполняйте платежи через Idram в онлайн магазинах, получите бесплатную доставку или кешбэк и примите участие в розыгрыше Банк ВТБ (Армения) объявляет о льготных условиях ипотечного кредитования для покупки недвижимости в жилом районе «Комитас Парк» В UCOM официально стартовала продажа IPHONE 13 Не благотворительность, а служение Армении и России Призыв к жителям Арцаха. Хачик Асрян Юнибанк выпустил привилегированные акции с 12%-ной доходностью В Арцахе и Сюнике днем раньше должны быть установлены сильнейшие военные базы Российской Федерации. Хачик Асрян Хачик Асрян: “Хочешь мира – готовься к войне” Только в Ucom: телевизоры со скидкой в 10% + 1 месяц бесплатный пакет uMix + телеканал формата 4KБанк ВТБ (Армения) предупреждает клиентов о звонках мошенников и призывает соблюдать конфиденциальность банковской информацииДелегация Юнибанка посетила международную выставку «АГРОПРОДМАШ»Интерны российской компании «CBOSS» провели месяц в UcomХачик Асрян: Четыре главных фактора сохранения и развития Арцаха Триллер "Кровавая ставка" выйдет в эфир на телеканале "Армения премиум" в сети UcomИстория успеха - Зеленая энергияБанк ВТБ (Армения) выступил партнером выставки Build Armenia 2021 «Многие армяне предпочитают английский»: что не так с «мягкой силой» России Отважный отряд «Армянские Орлы» готов сражаться против НАТО в составе Вооруженных Сил дружественной России, защищая территориальную целостность единственного военно-стратегического союзника Армении, России В компании Ucom действует предложение «Доступное, со скидкой»Хачик Асрян: “Крым – это Россия, также как Арцах – Армения” Банк ВТБ (Армения) принял участие в Армянском бизнес-форуме 2021В международном фестивале интеллектуальных игр команды из Армении завоевали серебро и бронзу UCOM продлевает предложение по безлимитному интернету для абонентов тарифных планов level up 4700 и level up 5500 Уже длительное время как азербайджанцы опять переходят все грани Клиенты Банка ВТБ (Армения) получают начисление пенсии до 2-го рабочего дня каждого месяца Сотрудники Ucom получили награды за заслуги перед Отечеством Хачик Асрян: Никакого примирения, никакого мира сТурцией и с Азербайджаном IDBank - спонсор благотворительного концерта «Армянский рок ради детей с онкологическими заболеваниями» IDBank раньше времени завершил размещение второго транша облигаций 2021-ого годаБанк ВТБ (Армения) предлагает клиентам выгодные условия для приобретения автомобилей марок Mazda и Suzuki в кредит Юнибанк отпразднует 20-летие фестивалем интеллектуальных игр История успеха - Аргентинский Центр Банк ВТБ (Армения) поздравляет учеников и студентов с Днем знаний и желает удачного учебного года В рамках специального предложения «UDAYS» в UCOM всего 2 дня действовать скидки на все смартфоны и аксессуары Клиенты ВТБ (Армения) смогут совершать моментальные денежные переводыIDBank выпустил очередной транш долларовых облигацийНовые абоненты услуги мобильного интернета UGO 5500, UGO 7500 И UBOX 12500 ОТ UCOM получат в 2 раза больше интернета Президент Арцаха наградил Хачика Асряна орденом «Боевого креста» 1-ой степени: награждены также все члены добровольческого отряда «Армянские Орлы»Только в UCOM: Смартфон ONEPLUS NORD N10 по эксклюзивной цене + вложения LEVEL UP 2700 3 месяца бесплатно + SIM-карта с красивым номером Абоненты Ucom воспользуются роумингом от 4.4 драмов за 1 МБIDream Online. начало твоей карьерыАбоненты Ucom TV посмотрят матч Суперкубка УЕФА по первым армянским спортивным телеканалам Юнибанк отпразднует 20-летие фестивалем интеллектуальных игр Клиенты Банка ВТБ (Армения) могут осуществлять банковские транзакции в 42 филиалах Upay Ucom и Teach For Armenia объединили усилия в развитии лидерства студентов в Армении и Арцахе При финансовой поддержке IDBank-а ЕГУ объявляет конкурс на получение стипендии имени Геворга Аршакяна. 6.925.000 драмов РА Фонду «Страхования Военнослужащих»: Следующий бенефициар «Силы одного драма» - фонд «Ваге Меликсетян» Компания Ucom первая в Армении предлагает телеканал качества 4K